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Tammy Alexander is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

In looking back I can see the signs, now that I know them, I can see them. But hindsight is 20/20, or so they say. Would my diagnosis be different had it been detected a few months earlier? A few … read more ❯

Tammy Miller is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

In February 2008, I noticed I was coughing more frequently than usual. But I wasn’t worried. I had suffered from seasonal allergies most of my adult life and the cough did not seem any different from my past experiences. At … read more ❯

Taylor Bell is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Growing up it was my dream to play soccer in college. I got that chance when Coach Rob Donnenwirth asked if I would like to come to ECU to play soccer. When I got to ECU, I bonded with my … read more ❯

Tomma Hargraves is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

n October of 2006, Tomma Hargraves found a small lump in her neck. Although she felt very healthy, she went to her doctor to have the lump checked out. A few days later, she received a diagnosis that shocked her: … read more ❯

Tori Tomalia Is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Tori Tomalia is a two-time cancer survivor currently living with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer since May of more ❯

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