Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Lung cancer survivor-advocate Elizabeth Dessureault was the second runner-up in Team Draft’s 2016 Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge. Liz and her husband Dax represented Team Draft at the 25th annual Taste of the NFL in San Francisco, CA on February 6, 2016.

“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to attend the Taste of the NFL. I am honoured to be able to represent Team Draft while advocating for Lung Cancer Research”

The Super Bowl Challenge participants were part of a friendly competition, with the top fundraisers awarded trips to Super Bowl 50, the NFL Pro-Bowl and the Taste of the NFL. Elizabeth and the other winners, announced on January 4, 2016, had an opportunity to share their powerful stories with key individuals with influence from across the country.

“As you know, I have been busy selling my “just breathe” bracelets since November 1st to try and help create awareness and raise funds for lung cancer research. By donating these funds, I am not only able to support Team Draft and Lung Cancer Canada, but have this amazing opportunity to advocate in San Francisco.”

The survivors that raised over $1,000 were able to designate a beneficiary for 50% of their funds raised. Elizabeth designated Lung Cancer Canada as her beneficiary.

“As a 26 year old woman who was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer in April of 2015, research is of the utmost important to me. To make things even more difficult, I was diagnosed when I was 5 months pregnant. Since then, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Jack 2 months prematurely and am currently on a targeted treatment that is helping to attack my specific cancer mutation.Had it not been for this research and innovation, I would not be where I am today.”

All of the participants were able to continue raising funds until the Super Bowl, February 7, 2016.


“I am forever grateful for all that Team Draft does to help support Lung Cancer Awareness and Research and am beyond thrilled to be invited to attend this fantastic event!” ~ Elizabeth D

Team Draft was founded by NFL veteran Linebacker Chris Draft and his late wife Keasha, an engineer and Clemson graduate who died of lung cancer at the age of 38.

“Super Bowl and Pro Bowl week are a fitting time to spotlight the crusade to change the face of lung cancer. The level of commitment, drive and passion required to make it this far parallels the efforts required to get lung cancer research to the next level,” said Chris Draft who co-founded Team Draft with his late wife Keasha to change the face of lung cancer.

Keasha and Chris Draft had attended the Super Bowl the year of her diagnosis, fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams. The memory of that Super Bowl trip served as part of the inspiration for The Super Bowl Challenge. “It takes a team to tackle lung cancer, and the Super Bowl Challenge has expanded this amazing team. Keasha’s legacy of hope lives on through the Super Bowl Challenge team and we are grateful to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to lung cancer awareness, research, treatment and patient advocacy efforts, and “said Draft.  “We are excited to have the opportunity to take this year’s Super Bowl Challenge winners and their stories to the Super Bowl the Pro-Bowl and the Taste of the NFL.”

What is the Taste of the NFL?

Since 1992, the Taste of the NFL (a 501c3 organization) has rallied the country’s top chefs and the NFL’s greatest players to raise money in support of food banks throughout the United States.

This is done through via three avenues:

  • on-line donations during the KICK HUNGER CHALLENGE® (September – January)
  • locally hosted Taste Of The NFL events by an NFL team and their food bank featuring their players and local chefs
  • The Super Bowl Taste Of The NFL – The Party with a Purpose®.  Held on the eve of Super Bowl in the host city. This event is a unique way to experience exceptional cuisine, meet NFL players and coaches, and support our fight against hunger.

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who help make “Taste of the NFL – Party With A Purpose” the single most successful charitable event at the Super Bowl, the Taste of the NFL organization continues to help feed the 37 million Americans who have turned to their local food banks for assistance. Millions of needs, thousands of families and dozens of new hunger projects have been affected by this major volunteer effort. Our goal: end hunger.