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Dan Friedman is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Dan Friedman was 43 in late 2010 when he began to feel a little short of breath while exercising. It was fall, and he enjoyed working out often, at the gym four or five days a week. But the crisper … read more ❯

Dave Bjork is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

I remember the exact moment as if it was yesterday. I was out for dinner with friends when my cell phone rang. It was my doctor from Massachusetts General Hospitalread more ❯

Denise Marshall Is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

My name is Denise. When I was 53 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer of the Right Lung. It was November 7, 2014. I had a malignant pleural effusion (MPE) that was found after months of symptoms and doctor’s more ❯

Don Stranathan and Penny

The bad news is that I have cancer. The good news is that cancer has taught me to live life to the fullest. I never allow cancer to define more ❯

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