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Colorado Springs, CO. University of Colorado Cancer Center lung cancer survivor-advocate Lisa Moran was the 2nd runner-up fundraiser in Team Draft’s 2017 Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge. Lisa and her boyfriend, Jeremy, headed to Houston, Texas to represent Team Draft at 26th annual Taste of the NFL.

Thank you Team Draft! I won a Taste of the NFL trip in the Team Draft Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge. But our trip to Houston trip included so much more than that one event. I’ll try to list everything. We attended a lung cancer survivors advocacy dinner, toured NRG stadium, went to the NFL Experience two times, attended the Friday Night Taste of the NFL Huddle reception, went to the NASA Space Center, and wrapped up the activities with the Taste of the NFL event. At these one on one with NFL Legends, celebrities, and sports stars. Some of them shared their personal stories with me. We made new friends. Many of them are now considered family. Thanks again for an experience of a lifetime. #teampl4lisa #lcsm #tacklinglungcancer #kickhunger

Founded by Draft and his late wife Keasha, who died of lung cancer in 2011 at the age of 38, Team Draft is dedicated to raising lung cancer awareness and increasing badly needed research funding through its Campaign To Change The Face Of Lung Cancer, which is committed to shattering the misconception that lung cancer is a “smoker’s disease.” The centerpiece of Team Draft’s Campaign is its annual Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge.

The Super Bowl Challenge participants were part of a friendly competition, with the top fundraisers awarded trips to Super Bowl LI, the NFL Pro-Bowl and the Taste of the NFL. Lisa and the other winners, announced on January 2, 2017, will have an opportunity to share their powerful stories with key individuals with influence from across the country.

As Draft explains, “the Super Bowl Challenge gives us a unique opportunity to use the overwhelming media coverage surrounding the Super Bowl as a platform to raise critical public awareness about lung cancer on an international level.  With the game as a backdrop, we can use each survivor’s story to weave a broader narrative about the state of lung cancer and the hope that now exists for those battling the disease.”  And Team Draft’s efforts are paying off.

I’m excited to go to Houston and the Taste of the NFL. The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) has been a part of my life since the first few weeks of being diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer. Their support and research gives me hope for the future. The Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge is a chance to donate to their efforts and show my gratitude. Thank you, Team Draft!

In addition to raising critical public awareness, the Super Bowl Challenge also raises funds for lung cancer organizations and treatment centers across North America.  Last year, participants who raised more than $1,000 during the Super Bowl Challenge were able to commit 50% of the funds they raised to a lung cancer organization or cancer center of their choice.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of our annual Super Bowl Challenge, Team Draft is maintaining its commit to 50% if the survivors raise over $1,000, but if survivors raise over $5,000, their designated beneficiary will receive 80% with the remaining 20% going to support Team Draft’s mission to change the face of lung cancer.

Lisa has designated his funds to go to IASLC. The challenge is over, but the fundraising will continue until Super Bowl Sunday.

About Lisa Moran

In August 2015, the first week of Browns preseason football, at 44 years old, I went from having an active, healthy, life to finding out I have incurable, inoperable, terminal, stage iv lung cancer.

It was football season when I was first diagnosed and started my treatment. I had very low energy levels and I was adjusting to my targeted therapy side effects. I was scared to make plans outside of the house. But every week I went out to watch the Browns with the Pikes Peak Browns Backers. Lung cancer treatment could take my energy. But it wasn’t going to take away my Browns.

Because of lung cancer research, we know my cancer has a specific targeted therapy. I’m still active, otherwise healthy, and able to work full time, at a job I love, carrying mail on walking routes, because of my current therapy. But my therapy will eventually quit working against my cancer. Lung cancer research is vital for my future and my quality of life.

My fundraiser will benefit the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer in Denver, CO (IASLC). Just weeks after finding out I have stage iv lung cancer I attended my first lung cancer event. It was hosted by the IASLC. That event gave me hope, inspiration and the thoughts of possibly having an enjoyable quality of life while living with a terminal disease.

About the Taste of the NFL 

Since 1992, the Taste of the NFL (a 501c3 organization) has rallied the country’s top chefs and the NFL’s greatest players to raise money in support of food banks throughout the United States.

This is done through via three avenues:

• on-line donations during the KICK HUNGER CHALLENGE® (September – January)

• locally hosted Taste Of The NFL events by an NFL team and their food bank featuring their players and local chefs

• The Super Bowl Taste Of The NFL – The Party with a Purpose®.  Held on the eve of Super Bowl in the host city. This event is a unique way to experience exceptional cuisine, meet NFL players and coaches, and support our fight against hunger.

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who help make “Taste of the NFL – Party With A Purpose” the single most successful charitable event at the Super Bowl, the Taste of the NFL organization continues to help feed the 37 million Americans who have turned to their local food banks for assistance. Millions of needs, thousands of families and dozens of new hunger projects have been affected by this major volunteer effort. Our goal: end hunger.