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Fawn Lee is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Fawn Lee:
On February 4, 2011, Fawn Lee received a call from her doctor asking her to come in right away. Being a mother of three young children and having just went through a move, Fawn scheduled a time later on that day to go in. The day before, she had gotten an X-ray and so she assumed that he just wanted to go over the finding. She was worried but didn’t realize what significance the call made in her life. This was a call that would set into motion a new battle that no one ever thinks is waiting in the midst for them, ready to rear its ugly head if life calls upon it.

Fawn Lee went in later that day to discuss the X-ray with her doctor. He showed her an X-ray that was obviously not a normal chest image. Her heart was abnormally large which lead to concern by both doctor and patient. Fawn’s doctor immediately sent her over to get blood tests. Test results came back with numbers that were off the charts compared to a normal healthy blood test. Fawn, looking at her watch, knew she had to go relieve her babysitter. So, filled with dread, armed with an X-ray that showed an abnormally large heart and blood tests that indicated that something was really wrong, she put on a large smile for her children and went home to be a mother.

This all occurred on Friday afternoon. By Sunday, Fawn had to be admitted to the emergency room due to difficulty breathing. On February 10, 2011, the diagnosis was made. Fawn Lee, mother of 3 children under the age of 5 and devoted wife, was diagnosed with Late-Stage Stage IV Non-Small Cell Andenocarcinoma.
The battle begins….

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