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Uniting Against Lung Cancer

Funding Research

UALC is funding lung cancer research with the potential to make a significant impact on treatment and a cure. Since 2003, we have awarded over $10 million to academic investigators, leading to over $50 million in follow-on funding, new researchers entering the field, and scientific progress that is already impacting lung cancer patients. Guided by our Medical Committee, UALC is funding research that makes a difference.

Raising Awareness

Lung cancer remains severely underfunded and misunderstood by the public. Anyone can get lung cancer, including never-smokers and those who have quit smoking. With our partners across the country, UALC holds events that raise awareness and put a face to lung cancer. From races and dinners to our signature event Kites for a Cure®, we empower our partners to make a difference.

At Uniting Against Lung Cancer, we’re speaking at the top of our lungs on behalf of all those affected by lung cancer.

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