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UC Davis Medical Center

The center of the health-care team is not the primary care physician, a primary nurse or a renowned medical specialist – it is the patient.

So says the “Speak Up” campaign at UC Davis Medical Center, part of a national initiative to maintain and increase the safety of patients by encouraging them to become actively engaged in their care.

Providing the highest level of safe, quality patient care is a fundamental commitment at UC Davis Medical Center. The hospital voluntarily participates in a number of public reporting initiatives, convenes quality and safety committees, fosters a culture of safety, conducts annual trainings and vaccinates staff against infectious diseases such as influenza, among other actions.

Encouraging patients to voice their questions may be a simple concept, but is powerful enough a safety measure to rank among national safety initiatives established by The Joint Commission, the nation’s predominant health standards-setting body.

The independent nonprofit organization accredits hospitals for safety and quality through a process that includes detailed reports and on-site reviews. For more information click here.

David R. Gandara, M.D., University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

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