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Genome Institute

The Genome Institute (TGI) is a world leader in the fast-paced, constantly changing field of genomics. A truly unique institution, we are pushing the limits of academic research by creating, testing, and implementing new approaches to the study of biology with the goal of understanding human health and disease, as well as evolution and the biology of other organisms.

As one of only three NIH funded large-scale sequencing centers in the United States, the Genome Institute is helping to lead the way in high-speed, comprehensive genomics. Since its inception in 1993, the institute has played a vital role in the field of genome sequencing, receiving over $800 million in funding. The Genome Institute began as a key player in the Human Genome Project – an international effort to decode all 6 billion letters of our genetic blueprint – ultimately contributing 25 percent of the finished sequence .For more information click here.

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