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“10 years ago I was shockingly diagnosed with lung cancer.” and today Linda Wortman is a survivor. She’s competing in the “Team Draft Super Bowl Challenge, ” kicked off by former NFL player Chris Draft who lost his wife to lung cancer.

It’s a challenge between lung cancer survivors like you see here – from all across the nation joining together to raise money and draw attention. “We need awareness. We need support. Mayo Clinic is a leader in lung cancer research and I’m here to give back for the people who work in teams so tirelessly to save lungs and lives.”

If contestants raise over five- thousand dollars, their designated recipient will get 80-percent with the remaining 20- percent going to Team Draft. Wortman wants to give back to the place that gave her life back. And doctors say every little bit helps. “our ability to impact the disease and design better treatments and cure more people is totally dependent on research dollars and the only way we can do that is to basically raise money for lung cancer research.”

Wortman says she wants Rochester to get involved and help make a positive change that affects everyone. “if we had every person in this community donate just one dollar, think of the funds that we could raise and 80 percent of that would go back to mayo clinic.” The top four fundraisers are awarded trips to super bowl 52… The 2018 NFL Pro Bowl, The 2018 Taste of the NFL, and The 2018 college football national championship. Fundraising ends on January 1st and then the top fundraisers will be announced.