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In the game of life, you never know what can be tossed your way.

Lung cancer survivor Dan Powell is heading to the NFL Pro Bowl!

“Going to the Pro Bowl is a dream come true. This time last year I was fighting for my life with the stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. We have incredible support from my friends, family, my church, support groups, and cutting-edge treatment from St. Francis Cancer Center. I’ve learned through my cancer experience and support from Team Draft “anything is possible and to never give up.” We are bringing in the new year with a trip to the Pro bowl!! I am stoked!!”

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In the game of life, you never know what can be tossed your way.

“My wife Keasha grew up here in the Greenville area; she was diagnosed with lung cancer December 2010,” Chris Draft said.

Draft is a former NFL player, but lung cancer is one of the most difficult challengers he’s ever had to tackle.

“The most important fact about lung cancer is that anyone can get it,” Draft said.

His wife, Keasha, a non-smoker died back in December 2011. However, before her death they formed Team Draft. An organization that raises awareness and money for lung cancer research.

“It’s not just fighting to have more research, it’s not just to have more treatment but neat really you’re fighting to give people life,” Draft said.

And by doing that, Team Draft is sponsoring a Super Bowl Challenge for lung cancer survivors. Dan Powell is one of them.

“I had some shortness of breath and went to the doctor,” Powell said.

Back in January, doctors diagnosed him with stage 4 lung cancer, he’s also a non-smoker. He’s fighting the disease and competing to win tickets to Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona on Sunday, Feb. 1.

“Sports is a great way to get out of your element and not have to worry about being sick,” Powell said.

He said support is most important and he got a lot of it form his long-time friend, Rick Owens.

“I didn’t realize is that as I’m going through this with him that I would actually become a lung cancer survivor myself,” Owens said.

In October, doctors told him, he too had lung cancer and was in shock because he has never smoked.

“It’s just something that’s a mutation of the environment and trying to tell others that it could happen to you,” Owens said.

Both Owens and Powell are competing against other lung cancer survivors throughout the country to get to the Super Bowl and you can support them by donating online. You can log onto

“This is the time of giving and we’d like you to help us save some other people’s lives,” Owens said.

Powell who you just heard from started the only lung cancer support group in the Upstate. They meet every third Tuesday of the month at the Saint Francis Cancer Center in Greenville.

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