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Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY. Mount Sinai has been leading the way in lung cancer screening since they became home to the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program ( I-ELCAP). In addition to lung cancer screening, Mount Sinai has lead efforts to study the overall health effects on New Yorkers from the World Trade Center attacks.

Team Draft will visit Mount Sinai on Wednesday and discuss lung cancer treatment with Doctors Henschke, Gomez, Smith, and Roger Flores, along with a few lung cancer survivors.

Background on I-ELCAP

In 1991, a group of physicians from Cornell University Medical Center (now Weill Medical College of Cornell University) started discussions with specialists from other institutions to find a common research goal. They found this goal in early lung cancer detection, and the promise offered by helical CT imaging. In 1992, ELCAP (Early Lung Cancer Action Program) was born. It was designed to determine the difference in proportion of early stage disease between two methods of early diagnosis (chest radiography and low-dose CT) as measured by the increase in the proportion of Stage I diagnoses following a well-defined regimen of screening.