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Livestrong Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA. Team Draft, Co-Founder and Livestrong Global Envoy, Chris Draft will participate alongside lung cancer survivor Linda Wortman, and other cancer survivors, in the 2013 Livestrong Challenge Philly cycling and running event. Team LIVESTRONG Challenge events are fun, community events, not races, and athletes of all levels are welcomed and celebrated. The events are fully supported and full of the hope and inspiration that has been fueling the cancer fight since 1997. The participants choose the distance: walk or run 5K or 10K, or ride 20, 45, 65 or 100 miles.

Many of you might recognize Linda through our lung cancer survivor series videos. Linda, a retired flight attendant, was diagnosed with lung cancer 5 years ago by doctors at the Mayo Clinic. Since her diagnosis, she has been running across the country to promote awareness and raise fund for lung cancer research.

You can listen to Linda’s story by following this link: