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Creating with Joey

Atlanta, GA. Creating with Joey was organized by the Lerner Family to honor the life of a young, healthy, non-smoker who was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 39 and passed away at the age of 40.

Joey’s sister once wrote:

Years ago, Joey once wrote on his painting, “Boxers and artists are a lot alike. Artists paint pictures with paint like a boxer throws punches.” Even then, Joey knew he was a fighter.

He was quiet. Some call it shy. We call it extraordinary. A man of few words but with a heart of verses. His silence was filled with pure goodness. And when he spoke, it was profound. We all listened in our own individual way. A family that heard his courageous fight. Together, we watched him- hiding his one struggle to prevent our own from overcoming us. We immersed ourselves in his grace, selflessness, strength, and deep love for us. He was relentless. And as he fought, our already strong family found a new meaning. The definition of family surpassed any human dictionary. We defined life, love, and unity through Joey. Without him saying a word, he taught us how to truly live- how to find strength when you think you have absolutely nothing left, how to truly be selfless, how to let petty differences disappear in the midst of what is important, and how to see someone’s true soul regardless of their physical presence.

Team Draft was honored to spend the night helping to celebrate the life and art of Joseph S. Lerner, III, affectionately known to all as “Joey”.

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