Awareness • Early Detection • Treatment • Research • Survivorship

Covidien ENB Summit

San Antonio, TX. Team Draft Co-Founder Chris Draft will give the keynote address at the Covidien ENB (electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy) Summit. The address will focus on the founding of Team Draft and the creation of the five pillars- Awareness, Early Detection, Treatment, Research, Survivorship.

ENB (Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy) or EMN bronchoscopy is a medical procedure utilizing electromagnetic technology designed to localize and guide endoscopic tools or catheters through the bronchial pathways of the lung. Using a virtual, three-dimensional (3D) bronchial map from a recently computed tomography (CT) chest scan and disposable catheter set, physicians are able to navigate to a desired location within the lung to biopsy lesions, stage lymph nodes, insert markers to guide radiotherapy or guide brachytherapy catheters.