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Cincinnati Cancer Center

Cincinnati, OH. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the University of Cincinnati and UC Health have created the Cincinnati Cancer Center—a joint effort designed to leverage the strengths of all three organizations in order to provide the best possible cancer diagnostics, research, treatment, and care for the people of Cincinnati.

Team Draft was able to meet with Dr. John Morris, Dr. Sande Starnes, Dr. Shannon Dunn and Director of Development for the hospital, Laureen McCorkle to tour the facilities and discuss the state of lung cancer in Cincinnati and how UC serves as a resource for areas in Ohio, Kentucky and even West Virginia.

Dr. Shannon Dunn is one of the founders of “Lungs on the Run” along with Cincinnati residents KC Faessler, a six-year lung cancer survivor and her son Phil Faessler. KC Faessler lost both her mother and grandfather to lung cancer; Dunn lost her father and cousin to the disease. After participating in other lung cancer walks, the trio decided to create a similar fundraiser in Cincinnati.