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Baltimore Orioles help Team Draft celebrate survivorship

Baltimore, MD. One, Two, Three strikes you’re out… Lung cancer Survivor Kimberly McNish as well as Sidney Kimmell Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins RN; Madelaine Binner, and their husbands, will represent Team Draft at the Baltimore Orioles Saturday night game against the Colorado Rockies, as guests of lung cancer survivor and Orioles Director of Public Relations, Monica Barlow.

The Orioles are no strangers to lung cancer.

Monica Barlow, Baltimore Orioles, Director of PR
BALTIMORE (WMAR) – She had champagne poured on her head a few weeks ago, and we can’t wait to pop the cork again when she scores another victory over lung cancer. See this picture? Monica Barlow is in the middle surrounded by friends. Remember this picture. “I try to think about cancer as little as possible,” said Barlow. We cannot stop thinking of a 35-year-old, who runs marathons, eats broccoli, and has never took a swig of a cigarette only to find out she has lung cancer. “There are no why did this happen,” she said. She was married for what seemed like minutes before the vow of in sickness and in health soared to the top of the medical charts. A lingering cough and her husband chased her to the doctor, who said, cancer chased to her lymph nodes and liver. “Which made it stage four, as bad as it gets,” said Barlow. Then her family, the Orioles. This year of the birds, became the year of the Barlow – giving her hope. “Everybody rallied, incredible,” she said. If the Orioles can show us a miracle why can’t we see a miracle in Monica. So tomorrow will come and she’ll take a pill that wasn’t available to her two years ago. That is another sign. Then the next day will come and more after that, and her smile will never disappear. “Not going to define my life,” said Barlow. Remember the picture, see all her friends – she now has a bigger fan club. As we use the standing room only section in her heart to wish her the taste of champagne, when she beats this disease.