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A Survivor at Every College Stadium: Arizona State Sun Devils

Tempe, AZ. Sedona, AZ native lung cancer survivor Andy Bonnett will represent Team Draft at the ASU vs. WSU game today, as a part of Team Draft A Survivor at Every College Stadium initiative.

Andy Bonnett:

Physicians at the University of Colorado Hospital are finding startling success with medications that are made to match the genes of a particular lung cancer. The new strategy means the drugs work only on certain patients – but they can work really well. Researchers think the cancer-fighting drugs may tamp the disease for a few years, and then the cancers may mutate and find a way around the medication. But years of healthy living is fantastic for people who’ve been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, which has a five-year survival rate of less than 3 percent. Dr. Ross Camidge of UCH says patient Andy Bonnett is a prime example of what one of this new strategy of “personalized medicine” can do. Two years ago Bonnett was one of those Stage 4 lung cancer patients. He was, said Camidge, “a young man who had never smoked, led a very healthy life, developed increasing shortness of breath and pain, and was diagnosed with lung cancer in his mid-30s.”

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Team Draft’s goals are to create a unique experience for participating survivors and to raise awareness on a local, national, and international level by using each game and each survivor’s story to weave a broader narrative about the state of cancer and the hope that now exists for those battling the disease.

Leveraging our connections with the NCAA, its teams and players and our relationships with many of the top cancer centers in the country, we are arranging to have lung cancer survivors attend games at NCAA stadiums across the country during the last two months of the 2014 season.

As part of our National Campaign, this celebration of survivorship raises lung cancer awareness, gives hope to those battling the disease, and shines a light on the important work being done at cancer research and treatment centers around the country.

Special thanks to ASU AD Scottie Graham, the ASU Football, the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Dr. Ross Camidge and our Team Draft supporters for making this experience possible.

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