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Darrell Borger, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

My primary focus at the Massachusetts General Hospital is to assist in the development of the Translational Research Laboratory, as co-director. Our goal is to develop and employ innovative technologies to genotypically fingerprint patient tumors across the complete spectrum of disease sites, to direct molecularly-targeted therapies on a case-by-case basis. Broad evaluation of cancer gene mutations with known therapeutic implications currently supports a new generation of prospective clinical trials conducted with leading pharmaceutical companies. Our laboratory is CLIA certified and current expansion into real-time clinical testing promises the incorporation of a broad personalized medicine approach at the MGH Cancer Center.

My secondary goal is to establish inter-disciplinary collaborations to accelerate the incorporation of basic and applied research findings into clinical practice. With a focus on rare malignancies that are historically underrepresented in clinical trials, new genetic fingerprints will provide rationale for evaluating pathway-specific targeted therapies. Overall, it is anticipated that the promotion of interdisciplinary science and clinical genotyping will maximize the development of cancer gene profiles used to enhance the efficacy of drug treatment in our patients.

Darrell Borger, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA from TEAM DRAFT on Vimeo.