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Robyn Hicks is Tackling Lung Cancer

Dear Chris and Team Draft, Thank you for all you do in support of Lung Cancer Awareness. My 28 year old boyfriend of 8 years was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer last February.

We found that he was ALK positive and he is currently taking the targeted treatment pill Xalkori and being treated at Emory University\’s Winship Cancer Institute. When he was diagnosed, he was healthy and the only symptom was a pain in his leg. We thought it was a pulled muscle, but it turned out to be a blood clot. He is my love and my life.

On January 25 of this year, we were married and I am so proud to take him as my husband. I pray every day for more awareness and more treatment options so that we may live a long and happy life together. We are so blessed to have organizations like yours and people like you fighting for us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I go to your website for inspiration and find it reading all the stories of survival. I am so sorry you lost your love Keasha. I get so scared when I think of losing my husband. Thank God for your organization and for the hope you inspire every day!