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Dan Clark is Tackling Lung Cancer

In January of this year (2012), my wife was diagnosed with Stage 1B lung cancer. She had the tumor removed 13 days after initial diagnosis. Her 6 month follow up CT did not show any additional spreading of the disease. She was very fortunate that it was caught early. We are very grateful and pray that the follow up CT scans are all good.

This experience has been very unusual in that the company I work for develops software to assist with the early detection of lung cancer. Talking about how important early detection has become very personal to me.

I have read Keasha’s story several times over the last 6 months and my heart really goes out to her husband and family. It is just heartbreaking to hear about others affected by this insidious disease. There is so much more society could be doing in the way of research and awareness.

I would like to join Team Draft. As my wife continues to rebound from her experience, I continue to ask what I could be doing to help others. If there are ways I can become more involved with lending a hand, I would like to do so.

On a positive note, my wife is competing in her first Sprint Trial since her diagnosis. I am very proud of her.


Dan Clark