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Tackling Lung Cancer

Our son was diagnosis with Osteosarcoma (form of soft tissue and bone cancer) back ’05 he has gone through chem and above the knee amputation. Last year it was discovered in his left lung. He has had three surgeries to … read more ❯

The Gaeta Family is Tackling Lung Cancer

A life long non-smoker, Joan Gaeta was a devoted wife, teacher, and mother of five. Diagnosed with lung cancer in early 2004, she fought a three and a half year battle before succumbing in July of 2007. Reflections on her … read more ❯

The Halter Family is Tackling Lung Cancer

The Diagnosis: July 13, 2006 Caine Halter had been a natural athlete since childhood and led a healthy lifestyle; he also was a lifelong non-smoker. For several weeks, he had a deep cough and headache that he could not shake, … read more ❯

The Lerner Family is Tackling Lung Cancer

Everyone keeps telling me “There are no words.” Even I didn’t think I could find any worthy enough. Then, I imagined Joey’s courage and further developed my own. If I could just have half of his, I knew I could … read more ❯


This love story is about the youngest of seven children Sarah (Sharon) Johnson. She was born to Henry and Sarah Simmons of Monticello, Florida on December 14, 1961. Cynthia was born January 7, 1961 so the two were eleven months … read more ❯

The Scott Family is Tackling Lung Cancer

The oldest of three children, Stacey was born to Donald and Marguerite Ray on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1967. She grew up in Tonawanda, New York, attended Sweet Home schools and received her bachelor of science from Medaille College … read more ❯

The Soto Family is Tackling Lung Cancer

On July 4, 2007, Leah’s doctor announced that she had Stage IV lung cancer. It sent my mind into a tailspin – Leah never indulged in cigarettes! Her response to the diagnosis was a simple question to the doctor, asking … read more ❯

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