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Lung Cancer Facts

What is the Biggest Cancer Killer

Produced in partnership with Catch It In Time (, this video highlights the lack of awareness about lung cancer. It features Draft asking people on the street which cancer is the biggest killer of women, men and overall. While most people said that breast cancer kills more women, that prostate cancer more men, and that skin cancer kills more people overall than any other cancers, the fact is lung cancer takes more lives than breast, cervical and prostate cancer combined and kills more people than any other cancer. This video is designed to raise public awareness by shining a light on the true facts about this deadly disease and inviting people to share those facts.

The Facts

  1. Anyone can get lung cancer.
  2. Lung cancer kills more people than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney, and melanoma cancer combined.
  3. The 5 year survival rate for lung cancer is just 16% - a rate that has changed very little since the 1970's.
  4. Nearly 60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are people who have never smoked or are former smokers.
  5. Lung cancer surpassed breast cancer as the number #1 cancer killer for women in 1987.

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Social Sharing

The State of Lung Cancer

We have visited over 100 cancer centers and hospitals across North America and we will visit more! Together WE ARE Changing the Face of Lung Cancer!

Jill Feldman is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

When I was 13, two of my grandparents died from lung cancer within weeks of diagnosis and within weeks of each other.... read more →

Kim Ringen is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Since my last post not much has changed on the diagnostic front. The large wedge resection did reveal enough testable cancer tissue, however no new known molecular drivers for the cancer were identified.... read more →

Elizabeth Dessureault Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

I was diagnosed on April 21st, 2015 with non-small cell lung cancer. As a healthy, 26 year old non-smoker, this news came as a complete shock.... read more →

Kathy Weber is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer survivor Kathy Weber is taking part in Team Draft’s 2016 Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge, raising money on behalf of the IASLC Foundation ... read more →

Jackie Archer is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Tuesday, August 2, 2005, at the age of 40 years and in seemingly excellent health, an evening commuter came crashing into my SUV. I quickly phoned 911. Within moments there were lights and sirens coming from every direction... read more →

Don Stranathan is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

The bad news is that I have cancer. The good news is that cancer has taught me to live life to the fullest. I never allow cancer to define me.... read more →

Keeping my Faith – Living with Stage IV Lung Cancer

After being diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer over Thanksgiving 2012, I've decided to document my journey for my friends, family, and most of all, my sweet angel Karley.... read more →

Lisa Goldman is Changing the Face of Lung Cancr

I’m a 41 year old mother and wife. I have advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Adenocarcinoma. My kids are 8 and 11.... read more →

Tomma Hargraves is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

In October of 2006, Tomma Hargraves found a small lump in her neck. Although she felt very healthy, she went to her doctor to have the lump checked out.... read more →

Hazel Senz is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

I am a 55 year old mother of two beautiful girls and wife to the love of my life. On March 5, 2014, my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with stage IV non- small cell lung cancer.... read more →


How many people does it take to make Edwina Edgeworth’s famous banana pudding? One to do the hard work, and a chorus of over 30 family members to cheer her on.... read more →

Kim Wieneke is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

Hello. I’m Kim. Kim Wieneke, living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve got lung cancer and I’m not very happy about it. It pretty much sucks.... read more →

Now You Know! Take Action

Join the National Campaign to Change the Face of Lung Cancer

You've read the facts but here's another. Fighting for every breath requires a team effort. Every team is built when individuals like you who decide to make the choice to fight. We can't do it alone. Join TEAM DRAFT and LET'S FIGHT

Join Team Draft

Start Here! Join Team Draft to find out how you can help us Change The Face of Lung Cancer!

Greenville, SC. Team Draft celebrated Keasha Rutledge Draft's Brithday, May 13th, by hosting Upstate SC lung cancer survivors at the 6th annual American Lung Association Oxygen Ball. - Read More

Williamston, SC. Our co-founder, Keasha Rutledge Draft, would have been 43 years old on May 13th. - Read More

Los Angeles, CA. 2016 Super Bowl Challenge winner Kim Ringen and her husband Davin represented Team Draft at the taping of Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. - Read More

Prior to Super Bowl 46, ESPN highlighted the life of Keasha Rutledge Draft and the founding of Team Draft.

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News and Media

Elizabeth Dessureault Awarded Ottawa City Builder’s Award

Ottawa, ON. Lung cancer survivor Elizabeth D was honored by Ottawa City with their Builder's Award for her commitment to raising lung cancer awareness. ... read more →

Change stereotype about lung cancer as a ‘smokers’ disease’

Kathy Weber is setting out to change the image of lung cancer. “It’s not a smokers’ disease anymore,” she said. “Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.” ... read more →

Keeping Cancer A Secret – Samantha Mixon Thompson

Four years ago, my body sent me a terrifying message that something was horribly wrong. My head started throbbing, my depth perception was suddenly gone, and I couldn't see anything but swirly colors.... read more →

Cancer-stricken Wilcox track coach has TD in her corner

Brewer, a non-smoker, also has a point she wants to emphasize. “I just want to make sure that everybody knows that really anybody with lungs can get cancer,” she said. “It’s just not a smoker’s disease any more. It’s every-day people.”... read more →

For one cancer patient a Super Bowl fitting for her fight

If it was a Hollywood script, it would be criticized for being too far-fetched. A cancer patient gets inspired to fight against her prognosis by her favorite NFL team... read more →

Cancer patient prepping for trip to see Broncos in Super Bowl

DENVER -- As the Denver Broncos prepare for Super Bowl 50, one of their biggest fans back home is getting ready her first trip to the big game... read more →

Lung cancer survivor wins trip to Pro Bowl

Lung cancer survivor Kathy Weber of Kiowa, Colorado raised more than $9,000 to help spread awareness. She took second place earning her a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl... read more →

Lung Cancer Survivors Win Fundraising Challenge

Two lung cancer survivors to raise money for the cause. Now with the help of the Chris Draft Family Foundation, one is going to the Super Bowl... read more →

Trips For Cancer Patients Who Are Great At Fundraising

DENVER (CBS4) – The teams have yet to be determined, but one Broncos fan already knows she’s going to the Super Bowl. Another will travel to the Pro Bowl.... read more →

‘When Breath Becomes Air:’ a dying doctor’s memoir

Dr. Paul Kalanithi read the CT scan. He could clearly see tumors matting the lungs and deforming the spine. As a resident in neurosurgery in his final year of training at Stanford, he’d seen plenty of such scans before. But this time, the scan was his own.... read more →

“I want to help Change the Face of Lung Cancer”

When she was told she had lung cancer, Elizabeth Dessureault says, she was unable to process what she was hearing.... read more →

This doctor, the Super Bowl was about way more than football

Neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi, MD, and his wife, Lucy, had won a trip to the big game by raising money for lung-cancer research and winning the Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge... read more →

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